Our Commitment To Quality Shines Through!

Lande Dental Lab is a full Service dental prosthesis lab. We offer implant abutments and frameworks for every implant need. Our highly skilled and trained dental technicians work closely with the dentist to understand the requirements of each case, resulting in an ideal restoration. Lande Lab technicians have years of experience with many types of implant systems and can help with any case, new or old. Our specialized knowledge in implant systems is not only an asset to our dentist but to their patients as well!

We work with all types of implant systems: Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, BioMet 3i, Cam-Log, BioHorizons, Hiossen, etc.; using tissue level, bone level, screw retained, or custom abutments to meet the demands of each case. Whichever implant system you are using we are extremely confident our well-versed technicians can solve all your dental implant needs! For most implant cases a stock abutment is ordered from the implant manufacturer which gives us a few options for the angulation, marginal height, and the height of the abutment itself.

We also offer custom abutments to create an ideal abutment for that specific case. Depending on the type of restoration requested the abutment can be made out of Zirconia, Titanium, or Gold. Custom abutments allow us to have complete control over margin design, emergence profile, angulation, and retention. Allowing the crown and abutment to be in harmony with the natural dentition, rewarding your patient with the highest quality implants every time!

If you work with an implant system not listed please call us at (317) 571-0220, or email us at to discuss the case and start a treatment plan today!



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