Over 26 Years Experience Creating Beautiful PFM/FCG Restorations!

PFM/FGC – We Only Use Top Quality Metals

Lande Lab has over 26 years’ experience crafting beautiful porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations and full gold crowns (FGC). Our extensive experience in the industry combined with the latest technologies allows us to deliver exactly what the patient and dentist desire. We work closely with our dentist on large difficult cases that require extra attention and a highly skilled technician to achieve the best esthetics possible for their patients. At Lande Lab we only use top quality metals from leading manufactures for all of our porcelain fused to metal restorations and full gold crowns.

The non-precious metal we use is the only non-precious alloy on the market that is FDA approved! When it comes to the metal framework there are many different options in design depending on the case and the dentist’s preferences. For our porcelains we use either Creation or Inline, both are high quality materials from leading manufactures. The porcelain build-up technique for all of our cases is a complex multi-layered technique with various colors to create a lifelike and natural appearance with beautiful esthetic results!

  • PFM Nobel Metal – Spartin Plus – 2% gold content.
  • High Nobel PFM – Loadstar Alloy – 52% gold content
  • Full Gold Crowns – Minigold Alloy – 40% gold content
  • Full Gold Crowns – XL Alloy – 62% gold content
  • All the alloys listed above are purchased from Ivoclar Vivadent.
  • For our non-precious units we use an alloy called Ti-Lite P, which is the only FDA approved non-precious alloy.




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